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Hi there! Welcome to Reese's Rainbow Mobile Pet Salon!
Here we are focused on not only pleasing your pet, but pleasing you too! We all have had many years of experience being a pet parent/groomer, and throughout the process, I have learned that a good groom can change a dogs life! Once a pup is pampered and treated with the utmost care and love, they feel good, look good and strut around with confidence! ​​No more dirty matts stuck to the inside of their legs or hair all over your couch. All of this can be done for your pet without even leaving your home! Reese's Rainbow was designed to provide you a convenient way to take care of your pups needs, without any hassle to you. 


How It Works

All of the grooming happens inside of the van. It is equipped with all of its own water and power supply. There is also a water heater, air conditioner, furnace, 360 degree rotating electric grooming table and a large stainless steel bathtub. There is no need to worry about anything except providing us with a place to park!


Who/Where We Service

We service all dog breeds with no restrictions. We specialize in senior dogs, aggressive dogs, anxious dogs, hard of hearing or special needs dogs, as well as puppies. We take care of the San Gabriel Valley, surrounding areas of Downtown Los Angeles, and Westside/Beverly Hills. 

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About "Reese"

Reese was a one of a kind dog who I personally rescued off the streets of Van Nuys, CA. He had the most gentle way about him even though you could clearly see he had been through the works. He changed my life forever and made me realize how much I love animals. I needed him as much, if not more than he needed me. 4 years later, he passed away. He holds a special place in my heart and that is why I chose to dedicate this salon to him. I love you forever Reese, see you at the Rainbow Bridge.  

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